Teeth Whitening Duo

Teeth Whitening Duo


New Organic Personal Toothpaste and Activated Charcoal for naturally whitening teeth and killing mouth bacteria.  This toothpaste has Raw Honey , Peppermint extract, and Teatree!!

Raw honey may not seem like the ideal toothpaste, but it is! The enzymes in Raw unrefined honey will work together with teatree, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and baking soda to kill bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath. Minty fresh with out the worry of ingesting Fluoride like store bought toothpaste which has been known to Weaken Skeletal Health, cause arthritis, Calcifies Pineal Gland 👁, accelerates female puberty, harmful to male and female fertility, harmful for your kidneys, I mean the list goes on!!

When using the charcoal to brush your teeth, do it before bed because it can leave a little black behind. You can use the charcoal three times a week, brush your teeth with it and let it sit for about three minutes so it has time to bind with your stains. Rinse. Brush again with the Organic toothpaste if you'd like! 

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